Technical Support

Basic Technical Support

All products come with 3 months free email-only technical support and 6 months upgrade protection from date of invoice. Support after this period is provided under the options listed below. Eligibility will be confirmed by Ontar prior to providing support.

Before requesting Technical Support, please:
Contacting Ontar

You may contact Ontar by:
Standard Technical Support

Ontar offers Standard Technical Support applies after the initial 3 month free support period and is available via phone, email or fax. The pricing structure is:
  • Case by Case basis: $45 per case
  • One year support: $300 (not to exceed 8 cases)
Enhanced Technical Support

Ontar offers Enhanced Technical Support using GoToMeeting ( which allows Ontar technical support personnel to interactively walk through support issues online. The pricing structure is:
  • Case by Case basic: $80
  • One year support: $600 (not to exceed 8 cases)

Training programs are designed to give the customers, the greatest impact in the shortest period of time. They include specific topics tailored to meet customer needs and application requirements. All seminars are designed to benefit both new personnel and experienced employees.

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Please follow this link for the list of meetings and workshops, Ontar is scheduled to attend, exhibit and present papers.
Unsupported Products

Certain products sold by Ontar are not eligible for technical support. Please see our Unsupported Products Page.

All prices subject to change.
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