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The following software products are currently offered by Ontar. Click on any product to find out more about it.

Atmospheric Software
  1. PcModWin6
  2. PcModWin5
  3. PcLnWin
  4. HitranPC
  5. Betaspec
  6. LidarPC
  8. E-TRANS
  9. Atmospheric Laser Turbulence Model
  10. HITRAN Database
  11. HITEMP Database
  12. PNNL Spectral Library

Sensor Software

Please see important announcement regarding NVTherm distribution.
Unsupported Products

The following products are not supported by Ontar, but may be supported by other organizations. Contact names are listed below if applicable.

Product Name Contact Information
HitranPC Dennis Killinger, email
NVTherm/NVThermIP Joe Reynolds, telephone (703) 704-3124, email
PcSenSat No contact information available.

* The MODTRAN5® or MODTRAN® trademark is being used with the express permission of the owner, the United States of America, as represented by the United States Air Force.
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