PcModWin© 5.3

Enhancements for PcModWin5© (Version 5.3)

Numerous enhancements have been made to Ontar's PcModWin user interface including:
  • Reformulating the band model parameters and radiation transport formalism to increase the resolution of MODTRAN5® spectral calculations to 0.1 cm-1
  • Increasing the TOA solar database resolution to 0.1 cm-1
  • Incorporating code interface changes between MODTRAN5® and DISORT to increase its speed and accuracy of multiple scattering calculations
  • Upgrading MODTRAN5® to perform spectral radiance computations for auxiliary molecules (by including their concentrations and spectral parameters) that are not part of the traditional MODTRAN5® database; band models are provided for all HITRAN molecular species
  • Incorporating effect of a thin layer of water, which can either simply wet the ground or accumulate on it, on radiance computations
  • Capability to model a boundary layer aerosol whose extinction coefficient obeys the Angstrom law or to modify the extinction of a model aerosol with an Angstrom law perturbation
  • Capability to determine the spherical albedo and reflectance of the atmosphere and diffuse transmittance from a single MODTRAN5® run
  • Ability to include only the solar contribution to multiple scattering and ignore the thermal component where it is not significant
  • Option to write spectral output in binary, and a utility to convert the binary output to ASCII
  • Capability to process several tape5 input files by a single execution of MODTRAN5®
  • Upgrade to the MODTRAN5®-DISORT interface so that only a single parameter (MXCMU in routine PARAMS.h) needs to be modified to change the maximum number of streams available for DISORT runs.
  • Added dithering of the solar angle in cases where the DISORT particular solution to the solar problem was unstable.

Significant enhancements have been made to the MODTRAN® 5.3 user interface including:
  • A significant enhancement of MODTRAN® 5.3 is the ability to better model aerosol optical properties with the new User-Defined Properties. "This option allows vertical profiles of aerosol spectral extinction, spectral absorption and spectral phase functions to be used." (MODTRAN® 5.3 Manual; Berk, Anderson and Acharya)
  • A second major enhancement of MODTRAN® 5.3 is the two new options to the Type of Atmospheric Path parameter: User-Defined Line of Sight and Multiple Slant Paths. The User-Defined Line of Sight option lets the user model vertical profiles in which the index of refraction has large changes, for example in a marine environment. The Multiple Slant Path option reduces the overall computation time with using the DISORT algorithm for multi-scattering calculations. It performs many LOS calculations for each call to DISORT.
  • Output k-distribution dependent cumulative path transmittance when MODTRAN5® is run in the correlated-k mode.
  • "Atmospheric level multiple scattering source function data is retrieved from DISORT and used to compute segment radiances. Otherwise, DISORT segment radiances are scaled to correct differences between the DISORT plan parallel atmosphere geometry and the MODTRAN spherical refractive atmosphere geometry. It is recommended that this be used for limb paths, i.e. paths that pass through a tangent height." (MODTRAN® 5.3 Manual, Berk, Anderson and Acharya.)
  • The planetary mass can be input in earth mass multiples. The parameter is used in the hydrostatic equation when the Pressure-Dependent Atmosphere is used for the Model Atmosphere. This parameter is only active for the Pressure-Dependent Model selection for Model Atmosphere.
  • The average molecular weight of air can be input. Otherwise the value of 28.964 gams per mole is used.
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