EOSAEL Modules - Alphabetical List

Below is an alphabetical list of all the modules included in PcEOSAEL, along with a brief description of the function of each one.  Click on any code to view a more detailed description.  Click here for a list of the EOSAEL modules grouped by category.

AGAUS  Mie Scattering Code
BITS Broad-band Integrated Transmittances
CLIMAT Climatology
COMBIC Obscuration Model for Multiple Battlefield-Induced Contaminants
COPTER Obscuration due to Helicopter-Lofted Snow and Dust
FASCAT Fast Algorithm for Atmospheric Scattering Calculations
FCLOUD Contrast Transmission Modules FCLOUD and OVRCST
FITTE Fire-Induced Transmission and Turbulence Effects
GRNADE Smoke Munitions Self-Screening Applications
ILUMA Natural Illumination under Realistic Weather Conditions
KWIK Transmission Threshold Smoke Munitions Expenditures Model
LASS Large Area Screening Systems Application
LOWTRN Atmospheric Transmittance and Radiance for Broadband 
Applications (also MODTRAN)
LZTRAN Laser Transmittance Gaseous Absorption Algorithm
MPLUME Missile Smoke Plume Obscuration
NBSCAT Narrow Beam Multiple Scattering
NMMW Near Millimeter Wave, Gaseous Absorption
NOVAE Nonlinear Aerosol Vaporization and Breakdown Effects, High 
Energy Lasers
OVRCST Contrast Transmission Modules FCLOUD and OVRCST
PFNDAT Aerosol Phase Function Data Base
RADAR Millimeter Wave System Performance. NOTE: While RADAR is part of EOSAEL, it is not currently supported in Ontar's PcEOSAEL product.
REFRAC Optical Path Bending Code for Near Earth Paths
TARGAC Target Acquisition
UVTRAN Ultraviolet Transmission and Lidar Simulation
XSCALE Natural Aerosol Extinction

The EOSAEL module LOWTRN has been superceeded by MODTRAN. It should also be noted that the UVTRAN user interface was not developed by Ontar, but is included as the tool to access the UVTRAN module with.

Important Notice:
There are severe restrictions placed on the EOSAEL libraries by the U.S. Government and therefore some customers may not be eligible to receive all material.
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