PcNvMod 2.0 - PcModWin for NVThermIP

PcNvMod is now available!
PcNvMod allows the user to run a full version of PcModWin - MODTRAN, with complete access to the MODTRAN options.
Sensor and target altitude, and spectral bandpass are set by NVThermIP. All other MODTRAN parameters can be set by the user from within the PcNvMod interface.
NVThermIP automatically runs PcNvMod. The user can set MODTRAN parameters; calculate atmospheric transmission and radiance over the sensor to target path; view the tabular MODTRAN outputs, plot all radiance and transmission values, and utilize all the capabilities of the Ontar PcModWin - MODTRAN interface.
The figure below illustrates the full Ontar PcModWin - MODTRAN interface accessed in PcNvMod.
To use Ontar's MODTRAN for NVThermIP products, you must first purchase NVThermIP which is available via the SENSIAC NVThermIP website.

To learn more about NVThermIP, please click here

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