NvMod 2.0 - MODTRAN for NVThermIP

NvMod allows the user to run a full version of MODTRAN, with limited input capabilities, when the MODTRAN option on the NVThermIP atmospheric input screen is selected.
NvMod allows the user to specify the Model Atmosphere (e.g. US Standard), and the Aerosol Model (e.g. Rural - 5 km visibility). The sensor altitude, range, target altitude, and spectral bandpass are determined by NVThermIP.
NVThermIP automatically runs NvMod, which uses MODTRAN to calculate the atmospheric transmission for the sensor to target path. The transmission values are returned to NVThermIP where they are used to calculate the sensor performance. No user interaction is required.
To use Ontar's MODTRAN for NVThermIP products, you must first purchase NVThermIP which is available via the SENSIAC NVThermIP website.

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