The EOSAEL aerosol phase function database (PFNDAT) contains phase functions, extinction and scattering coefficients, and the single-scattering albedo for 30 naturally occurring aerosols and 8 man-made aerosols. This database is used by various programs, including the EOSAEL modules ASCAT and FCLOUD. The naturally occurring aerosols consist of the maritime, urban, rural, fog, rain, and snow types. The three haze types have distributions at eight relative humidity levels. There are two fog distributions. The haze and fog distributions are consistent with those contained in the EOSAEL LOWTRN program. There are three rain distributions and one snow distribution. The man-made aerosols consist of three dust types, including a high-explosive distribution, white phosphorus at three relative humidities; hexachloroethane; and fog oil smoke. The phase function data base includes information for each of the maritime, urban, and rural aerosols and fogs at 32 wavelengths ranging from 0.35 to 40.0 m m, and for each of the manmade aerosols, rains, and snow at 16 wavelengths ranging from 0.55 to 12.0 m m.

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