The nonlinear aerosol vaporization and breakdown effects ( NOVAE ) computes both aerosol breakdown and vaporization effects on high energy laser High Energy Laser (HEL) propagation in the repetitive pulse mode and only aerosol vaporization effects in the continuous wave mode. NOVAE is an upgraded version of the clear-air HEL Ballistic Research Laboratory Propagation Code (BRLPRO) which was designed to compute steady-state or time-averaged irradiance along an arbitrary slant path in the atmosphere. In addition, aspects of vertical or slant path propagation are addressed in calculations of stimulated Raman scattering and vertical profiling of turbulence and wind. Linear and nonlinear effects are included in various combinations in the calculation of beam area, average and peak spatial intensities, optimum power, and fraction of the beam's initial power at the target range. NOVAE is capable of handling any cloud type for which the thermodynamic and optical properties are known. This version include data files for handling phosphorus smoke and water aerosols, as well as for treating fog oil and dust clouds. Documentation of a wide range of rectangular laser apertures is also included.

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