MODTRAN and LOWTRAN calculate atmospheric transmittance, atmospheric background radiance, single-scattered solar and lunar radiance, direct solar and lunar irradiance and multiple-scattered solar and thermal radiance. The spectral resolution of LOWTRAN 7 is 20 cm-1 FWHM (Full Width at Half-Maximum) in averaged steps of 5 cm-1 in the spectral range of 0 to 50,000 cm-1 or 0.2 um to infinity. The MODTRAN resolution is 2 cm-1 FWHM in averaged steps of 1 cm-1. A single parameter band model (Pressure) is used for molecular line absorption in LOWTRAN 7, while MODTRAN utilizes and band model based on pressure, temperature and a line width. The effects of molecular continuum-type absorption; molecular scattering, aerosol and hydrometeor absorption and scattering are all included. Representative atmospheric aerosol, cloud and rain models are provided within the code with options to replace them with user-modeled or measured values. Spherical refraction and earth curvature (ray bending) are considered in the calculation of the atmospheric slant path and attenuation amounts along the path.

Atmospheric constituent profiles 10 containing separate molecular profiles (0 to 120 km) for thirteen (13) minor and trace gases are provided for use with both models. Six reference atmospheres, each defined by temperature, pressure, density and mixing ratios for H2O, O3, CH4, CO and N2O, all as a function of altitude (selected from the U.S. Standard Supplements, 1966 and the U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976) allow a wide range of climatological choices.

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