EOSAEL92 self-screening application GRNADE models transmission through smoke screens produced by multiple round salvos of tube-launched L8A1 and M76 self-screening grenades. Effects of atmospheric diffusion are addressed by treating the composite screen as a superposition of instantaneous and semi-continuous sources accounting for windspeed, surface roughness, mixing depth and stability using techniques developed within the framework of the Gaussian approximation. Optical properties of the obscurant are modeled, over wavelengths from visible to the far infrared, accounting explicitly for aerosol-atmosphere hygroscopic interactions. Burst pattern configurations of 6-, 12-, and 8-round salvos, characteristic of current inventory launchers, are supplied internally to the model. Optionally, the model can accommodate arbitrary user-defined launcher characteristics for up to 24 individual tubes. In the standard mode, the salvo type, launcher position, launcher heading, threat position, and ambient meteorological conditions are input by the user; the model then calculates the threat-launcher line of sight spectral band transmittance. Extensions and improvements over the EOSAEL84 version include modified algorithms for code efficiency and decreased runtime, modification of the Pasquill category algorithm, and modification of the burn time for the L8A1 grenade as well as the introduction of a plume virtual offset to improve model output relative to field test data. Four launcher/threat maneuver tactics are internally supplied to the model and include such options as (1) to remain stationary, (2) to move downwind at half the speed of the wind, (3) to move downwind at the full speed of the wind, or (4) to move along a designated heading and speed specified by the user. The model addresses wavelengths from the visible through infrared over the six spectral bands common in other EOSAEL modules and allows optional inputs by the user. The model specifically addresses only current inventory systems; however, the various optional inputs allow the user to specify characteristics for other developmental, experimental, or hypothetical systems, including 24 tube launchers.

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