The Fire-Induced Transmission and Turbulence Effects (FITTE) module predicts transmittance through fire plumes, path radiance from fires/fire plumes and, optionally, effects of fire/fire plume turbulence on laser propagation for a given line of sight (LOS). The FGLOW model option extends the calculations to multiple lines of sight to predict the radiant image of a fire/fire plume segment which will be seen by an imaging system. The fires represent localized sources of burning diesel fuel, motor oil, and rubber, that is, simulated burning vehicles. FITTE also predicts the line of sight path-integrated particulate concentration, and, if a target temperature is specified, the attenuated thermal radiance from the target at the observer position. If the calculation is performed for a single wavelength, the model predicts beam spread and wander on a laser beam of that wavelength. The FGLOW option performs calculations for a set of lines of sight and creates a file of path radiance values, which represent the radiant image which would be seen by an imaging system, and of transmittance values, which represent the attenuation of the background image. An option allows output of an apparent temperature image.

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