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Atmospheric Software
Atmospheric Software
CategoryProduct NameProduct No.PriceAdd to Cart
PcModWinPcModWin5 v2r0A40-PcM520-00-00-00$2,600.00Add to Cart
PcModWinPcModWin5 v2r0: Upgrade from PcModWin4 purchased after 1 February 2008A40-PcM520-00-02-08$1,900.00Add to Cart
PcModWinPcModWin5 v2r0: Upgrade from PcModWin4 purchased after 1 February 2009A40-PcM520-00-02-09$0.00Add to Cart
ALTMAtmospheric Laser Turbulence ModelC10$1,950.00Add to Cart
PNNL Spectral Data LibraryPNNL Spectral Data Library (available on DVD only)M05$0.00Add to Cart
HITEMP DatabaseHITEMP CD-ROMD20$50.00Add to Cart
HITRAN DatabaseHITRAN 96 DatabaseD01$50.00Add to Cart
HITRAN DatabaseHITRAN 2000 DatabaseD02$0.00Add to Cart
HITRAN DatabaseHITRAN Catalog on CD-ROMD03$150.00Add to Cart
HITRAN DatabaseHITRAN 2004 Database for HITRAN PCD04$300.00Add to Cart
E-TransE-TransC04$2,500.00Add to Cart
PcEOSAELPcEOSAEL Basic (no MODTRAN)F01$3,000.00Add to Cart
PcEOSAELPcEOSAEL with MODTRAN (PcModWin 4.0)F02$4,450.00Add to Cart
PcEOSAELPcEOSAEL Add-on (current users of MODTRAN)F03$2,500.00Add to Cart
LIDAR-PCLidarPCC05$2,000.00Add to Cart
LIDAR-PCHitranPC/LidarPC CombinationC06$4,500.00Add to Cart
HITRAN-PCHITRAN-PC, version 4.0 (including Betaspec)C20$3,100.00Add to Cart
HITRAN-PCHITRAN-PC Upgrade to version 4.0 from version 3.0C21$1,500.00Add to Cart
HITRAN-PCBetaspec version 2.0C22$500.00Add to Cart
PcLnWinPcLnWin3, version 1.1B02$4,900.00Add to Cart
PcLnWinUpgrade from PcLnWin 3.0 version 1.0 to PcLnWin 3.0 version 1.1B04$2,000.00Add to Cart
MODTRAN MODTRAN3.7/Fascode Fortran source codeA23$325.00Add to Cart
MODTRAN AFRL LOWTRAN 5 ManualA32$25.00Add to Cart
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Those interested in purchasing the latest version of NVThermIP should visit the SENSIAC NVThermIP website to order. To order versions of MODTRAN for NVThermIP provided by Ontar, please see the current page under Sensor Software.

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