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PcModWin - Tape7 Column Headers

Problem: What are the meanings of the column headers in the TAPE 7 spectral output file?

The column headers are as follows:

FREQ - Frequency in cm-1.

TRANS - Total transmission through defined path. For example one would assume that for a downward looking path from H1 to H2, the transmittance is from H1 to H2. For calculation of reflected solar component, one could always use the layer by layer transmittance to calculate the total attenuation through both the downwelling and upwelling paths.

PTH THRML - Radiance component due to the atmosphere received at the observer. This term includes the THRML SCT component which will be 0.0 if multiple scattering is not running.

SURF EMIS - Component of radiance due to surface emission received at the observer.

SOL SCAT - Component of scattered solar radiance received at the observer. This term includes the SING SCAT component.

GRND RFLT - GRND RFLT is the total (direct + diffuse) solar flux impingent on the ground and reflected directly to the sensor from the ground. Thus, GRND RFLT = DRCT RFLT + Diffuse Reflected. If the downward solar flux is dominated by the direct term, GRND and DRCT will be equal (Lex Burke, email 15-Dec-2003). In practice the Diffuse Reflected term will only be significant (non-zero) if multiple scattering is selected.


REF SOL - REF SOL is the top-of-atmosphere solar irradiance times the L-shaped path from the sun-to-H2-to-H1. If H2 is the ground, the DRCT RFCT is simply the REF SOL times the surface BRDF over pi steradians (Lex Burke, email 15-Dec-2003).

SOL@OBS - Total Solar irradiance at the observer. I believe this is similar to the REF SOL, but also includes a contribution from the SOL SCAT term.

For the Direct Solar Irradiance option:

SOL TR - Is the transmitted solar irradiance to the observer at height H1

SOL - Is the top of the atmosphere irradiance

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