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PcModWin - MODTRAN 3.7 vs. 4.0

Problem: What are the main differences between MODTRAN 3.7 and MODTRAN 4.0?
Explanation/Resolution: MODTRAN 4.0 adds the following features:
  • Two correlated-k options: a standard option and a slower, finer resolution option necessary for upper-altitude (> 40 km) cooling rate and weighting function calculations. Both options permit more accurate calculation of molecular absorption in the presence of multiple scattering (Card 1)
  • A high-speed option, only appropriate in shortwave and UV spectral regions, that uses 15 cm-1 band model parameters (Card 1a)
  • Scaling options for water vapor and ozone column amounts
  • An improved, high resolution cloud spectral parameter database.
In addition, some bugs with aerosol calculations in MODTRAN 3.7 have been fixed in MODTRAN 4.0.

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