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PcModWin - MODTRAN Spectral Resolution

Explanation/Resolution: The MODTRAN calculations are performed over 1 cm-1 bins from 0 to 22,600 cm-1, which means that the effective resolution is 2 cm-1. A 2 cm-1 interval in wavenumber corresponds to a 0.02 micron wavelength interval in the far IR region and a 0.00004 micron wavelength interval in the visible blue / UV region. For wavenumbers greater than 22,600 cm-1 the calculations are performed over 20 cm-1 which means that the spectral resolution is 40 cm-1. This corresponds to a resolution in wavelength of at least 0.0008 microns. The highest wavenumber for MODTRAN is 50,000 cm-1.

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