The TENOR Training System
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Ontar has successfully finished the Phase II SBIR project for developing TENOR system. TENOR stands for Training and Education Network On Request (TENOR). It is an intelligent and adaptive information processing and distribution system designed to increase the skill level, performance and critical thinking of military personnel, students, trainees and others using Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) techniques.

TENOR consists of a complete set of authoring tools and delivery software, providing dynamically generated, interactive, HTML-based content to clients running on any platform with a browser, including wirelessly connected PDAs. It meets the needs of various kinds of training requirements. Ontar has successfully utilized the TENOR training system in several other SBIR projects to deliver just-in-time training material, including Global Treatment Protocols and RF Signal Identification training.

Download a TENOR brochure.

The TENOR system is a secure, SCORM compliant, anytime, anywhere ADL LCMS system.

Tenor Repository Manager

System Storage and Archiving

  • Training Repository
  • Access/Search Repository
  • Upload lesson from data or by itself
  • Download data to lesson or to disk
  • Secure/authorized access
  • Sync/transfer with other repositories and from local data
  • Search remote repositories
  • Versioning
  • Backup
  • Expert Feedback: capture text/audio/video and categorize/put into repository of commander experiences

The TENOR software ADL has several primary advantages over other methods of ADL:

Platform flexibility — allows TENOR to support multiple platforms by simultaneously formatting the training material ranging from desktop computers to handheld devices.

Trainee level of expertise — material presented to the trainee can be created “on the fly.” Consequently, the lesson is easily tailored in real time to accommodate the capabilities of the individual.

Trainee customization — the system is customized to the individual trainee throughout his DoD or academic career. As the individual advances, changes jobs, etc., the system tracks the trainee’s requirements for future training needs.

Flexibility of training material — the TENOR system can accommodate any type of training material.

The TENOR Advantage

TENOR — Training and Education Network On Request, a multi-media, adaptive, SCORM compliant Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Content and the rate of presentation is paced by the capabilities and requirements of the user.

Tenor Circle

The TENOR software advanced distributed learning (ADL) system has many advantages and unique features over other systems.
Ontar will assist in the automation of training using the TENOR system:
Increasing the quality of the training experience
Decreasing the time it takes to train personnel
Reducing the cost of training

Features of TENOR

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Integrated Flash Microgames

Game Designing System

Integrated Quizzes

Database to Store Lessons

Content Management

Allowing storage, retrieval, reusability, scalability and management of all interrelated documents and multimedia files

Integrated Games/Simulations

Integration between TENOR and web or desktop based games and simulations

Web Browser Support

Supports all major web browsers.

Drag-and-Drop Display Designer

Administrative Tools

Manage trainee profiles & training requirements

TENOR Studio

  • Create training
  • TENOR training platform
  • Quizzes provide lesson remediation
  • Adaptable lesson structure
Tenor Studio Lesson Editor

Import Files

Word, PPT, Excel, PDF, Flash, A/V formats, etc.

Microgames and Simulations

Tenor Microgame

Ontar is creating microgames and simulations for Proactive Preventative Medicine, for an OSD contract with the Air Force to educate service members on health hazards on topics such as:
  • Dysentery
  • Substance abuse
  • Sports injury
  • Self harm

TENOR is used during the games to:

  • Integrate the data collected
  • Provide remedial information regarding user performance
Tenor Simulation


Ontar is creating Proactive Preventative Medicine Microgames. An example of this is Ontar’s Flash Game Don’t be a ?hitty Smitty, that helps promote safety precautions of diet while in theatre. Ontar’s microgames have the following capabilities:
  • Troop training
  • Behavior situation awareness
  • Interface parameter measurements to track user performance

Tenor Smitty Microgame


Ontar is using Boston Dynamics’ DI-Guy to create educational real-life 3D scenario simulations. Ontar’s simulations will allow:
  • Users to conduct presence patrols of the local populace in a Middle Eastern village
  • Users to check in at various decision points to test their knowledge on the given subject matter
  • Interface parameter measurements to track user performance
  • Troop training
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