RF Signal

Ontar currently has a Phase I SBIR award with the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for a "Portable Signal Identification Training System".

This work is developing a distributive and deployable training system that teaches military and counterpart civilian personnel RF signal recognition and identification. We are: performing research to determine if a current library of signals exists and is available that to be generated with this system (this would allow users to import signals at any time and save future cost); designing the system for minimal power consumption, ease of use, and production cost; defining, acquiring and incorporating an RF signal database into the training system; implementing formal and informal RF Signal training scenarios; developing and implementing the Signal ID Training System for information storage and anytime, anywhere-training; demonstrating the feasibility of the system to provide training at multiple sites by testing and fielding a Phase I system; and providing an estimate of per system cost at Phase III.

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