Ontar has completed the ComPResS project under a phase II DoD contract. ComPResS stands for Computerized Patient Records System. The ComPResS system uses Web-based Internet technology, leverages the power of wireless communication and MDAs, provides military health care providers with functions from admission to discharge and record keeping to data analysis anytime, anywhere Intranet/Internet is accessible. The end-user accesses the ComPResS services through the Web browsers installed on his or her desktop computer or mobile device with either wired or wireless connections. It can serve as an advanced user interface between the CHCS II medical system and wireless handheld MDA.

Key features of this system include handheld, anytime, anywhere, wireless access; a next-generation user-interface to improve data input, retrieval, and comprehension; and platform independence. Key technologies involved include 802.11x and Bluetooth wireless protocols, browser technology with strong encryption. It supports any major medical database back-end, XML data output, and HL7 compliance. Features leverage other emerging technologies, such as handwriting recognition, voice command, PIC readers, and all manners of portable computers for which browsers are written.

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